Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witches Brew - Final Film

My Final Film in VFS, Witches Brew. Took about 4-5 months to create it. Did everything from storyboard to after effects. The only part that I wasn't directly involved in was the Sound effects, music and final editing.
The story of an old witch and her apprentice.

-Hand drawn, pencil on paper
-Backgrounds colored with Adobe Photoshop
-Softwares used - Harmony, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier


  1. Wow, that's amazing! Do you have a deviantart or anything?

  2. Hi! I saw your animation video on youtube and i would like to congratulate! I think you are very talented and I hope, I'll see your works in the future.
    From Hungary:

  3. Hey I don't know if this blog is active or not but I wanted to tell you how much I love this animation.

    Through a series of events I wound up at this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tp_3h4z-Ef0 and had a hard time finding the source and I'm grateful I finally have!!

    The timing and energy in the character's faces really makes me smile and laugh!